Summer 2020 makeup trends

Summer 2020 makeup trends

Summer 2020 makeup trends

Summer is almost here and as always, we need to be stylish in our vacation. No matter the destination, a woman needs to feel good with her makeup, so she draws inspiration from the current makeup trends. In our website, we have prepared a list with the most popular summer 2020 makeup trends, which will for sure amaze you.

Top 5 summer 2020 makeup trends

Smokey eyes

The most classic yet impressive makeup trend of all times, is back for this year’s summer. Use darker shadows to intensify your eyes and steal the show. Either for an event, or for a dinner, smokey eyes are an all-time favourite makeup look, and it will never fail you.

Floating eyeliner

The classic eyeliner is off this season, as it is replaces by floating liner. To steal the look, extend the eye liner creating a sharp edge and then connect it to your eyelid. You can go as extra as you like, by creating magnificent shapes.


Glitter could not be off the summer 2020 makeup trends, as it is a great option for those attending concerts and summer festivals. Wear it as an eyeshadow or by using stencils to create shapes not only on your face but your body too.

Glowy face

The most surprising trend of summer 2020 is the glowy face. Forget about matte foundations, shadows and lipsticks. This summer is all about natural glow. Your face will wear only your creams and a dash of concealer. Bare faces will have their own natural glow and be lighter during the summer heat. This summer’s motto is “enhance your natural beauty”.

Watercolour shadow

This spring and summer, watercolour shadow is a must. Create little masterpieces of colour on your lids and get creative. create ombre looks or combine more than two colours and create mini rainbows on your eyes. We are certain that you will perfect your blending techniques trying this makeup trend. You won’t regret it!

Overview for summer 2020 makeup trends

Whatever look you will choose, we are sure that you are going to have fun with it, as it is summertime and nothing can ruin your vacation. You can try the more sophisticated trends such as the floating liner and the watercolour shadow, or keep it more simple with the smokey eyes and the glowy face.