How to better maintain your washing machine

How to better maintain your washing machine

How to better maintain your washing machine

The washing machine – επισκευή service πλυντήρια is one of the appliances that must have a place in every home. Depending on your needs, you may have problems with your washing machine. For this reason, with the right actions on your part, it is important to prevent significant damage to your device. This way, you can give your washing machine more years of operation, without the need for any repairs.

Here are six practical tips for maintaining your washing machine. The 6 Steps!

# 1 Be careful not to fill the bucket all the way up

It is important not to overload our washing machine by placing too much laundry on it. It is good to make sure to leave a margin of 10 points (about one palm, in a horizontal position) between the clothes and the upper part of the rubber. At this point our washing machine is full. Otherwise, by overfilling the bucket, the shock absorbs and springs that hold it in the correct position wear out faster, while noises are produced during spinning.

# 2 The large amount of soap in each wash is not necessary and the right one

With new soaps, conditioners and other cleaning products it is possible to achieve the same result of cleanliness and freshness, using only one third of the amount compared to older cleaners. Higher doses of detergent gradually block the pathways inside the appliance, through which soap and water pass. This results in the malfunction of our washing machine, as well as the unpleasant odor.

# 3 After one wash, wait about an hour before restarting the washing machine for the next wash

Successive washes need sufficient time to avoid overheating of the mechanical parts in our washing machine. This ensures their longer life and that of our device as a whole.

# 4 Special cleaners every three months are a necessary complement to the maintenance of our washing machine

It is not excluded in several areas that the water contains an amount of salts that are able to adversely affect our device. Poor water quality combined with excessive use of detergents result in the accumulation of salts, detergents and other bodies inside the washing machine. To prevent such a situation, we must take care of the maintenance of our washing machine with special cleaners at regular intervals, about every three months.

# 5 Clean the door hinge after each wash

Every time a wash is completed, we make sure to clean the hose, paying special attention to its bottom, an area where water is usually retained. It is useful to leave the washing machine door open until the next use, preventing the accumulation of moisture inside our washing machine and the formation of mold.

# 6 We make rational use

Despite the possibly greater needs of each household, a proper household washing machine is to operate 300 to 350 hours per year. Intensive use of our washing machine results in more frequent malfunctions and overall reduction in the life of our appliance.

Washing Machine issues that require a professional

Does the filter not unscrew?

If the filter does not unscrew without the use of a tool, it means that something is preventing it from coming out and a washing machine technician should come.

Did you clean the filter and it does not drain?

If you have cleaned the filter and it does not drain again, it means that: The drain pump is damaged or pipes inside the washing machine are clogged. In both cases, our technician should see it.

Does the washing machine not pump out the water?

To clean the filter, unplug the washing machine. Be aware that the water in the washing machine will drain on the floor. At the bottom right of most washing machines is the washing machine filter. Turn it counterclockwise (slightly) and it starts to draw water. Let it drain slowly to collect the water. When it stops leaking water, unscrew the filter and clean it. You do not need to use tools to unscrew the filter because it is easy to break.

Does the washing machine not drain the water?

If the washing machine stops operating and there is water inside, we make the following moves:
We set the pumping – spinning program. If the washing machine empties before rinsing it again, clean the filter. If it does not empty, clean the filter.

Service of washing machines and repair

Have you noticed any leaks or malfunctions in your washing machine? Did it display a fault code? Do not hesitate to contact us directly with one of the direct communication methods. We will need a brief description of the behavior of your washing machine and our experienced call center staff will inform you in advance (where possible) of possible faults that fit your description and an approximate cost estimate for repairing your washing machine.

When it is time for your annual washing machine maintenance or repair, you need to contact 24gr. Their technicians are highly experience and professional, and they will get your appliance working in less than an hour! Trust the experts in washing machine maintenance and repairs.

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