9 + 1 bags that every woman should have

9 + 1 bags that every woman should have

There are at least 50 different species of bags for women – γυναικείες τσάντες – but we have selected the 10 most elegant, useful, modern and popular designs and we present them to you with secrets and tips for their proper use.

The history of the women’s bag

Although the first women’s handbags appeared as early as the Renaissance, it is the 18th century that gives women the opportunity to add to their look a small pouch-shaped bag, which hung from their wrists or from the belt of their clothes and served practical needs. They were used mainly for storing small items, for example sewing, but also as a wallet. At the beginning of the 19th century, small pear-shaped pouches began to become an integral part of women’s clothing.

They contained the essentials, such us money, a powder or a fan. In the 20th century, the departure of women from the house triggered the need for other types of bags that would fit more than necessary. They were basically created by suitcase manufacturers and were miniatures of travel bags and were first called handbags. In the 21st century, the handbag becomes the ultimate accessory and is an integral part of the female appearance. Now, there is no woman who does not have enough bags in her closet to use them according to her occasion and needs.

1. Baguette (shoulder bag)

A shoulder bag is specially made to sit comfortably under the shoulders, in the same way that the French are accustomed to placing the thin loaf of bread. There is also a cross. It is a small, compact bag and became extremely popular around 2000 through the Sex and the City series.

2. Flap bag

It combines functionality and elegance and can sometimes have a trapezoidal shape. It has a strap to pass over the shoulders and usually closes with a large flap at the front.

3. Backpack

The popular backpacks have become very friendly accessories for the daily life of women and especially the youngest girls. Their size helps as it fits many things – even a laptop. They are ideal for every woman, especially for those who are on the move and want their hands free.

4. Shopper (shoulder bag)

They meet from the late ‘60s onwards, defining the modern era. They are convenient for most women as they fit not only the necessary items but also small shops. But it is also a stylistic asset as such a monochrome bag can complete any style.

5. Bucket bag

It is the bag that fits everything. It is usually deep and strains from above with a string. It was made to carry bottles but over the years and the influences of fashion it has evolved into a bag for everyday use. Characteristic of this bag are large spaces inside, but also its imposingness due to the volume it usually has.

6. Barrel bag

It is elongated and has a cylindrical shape. We usually find it in large sizes as it is a typical type of bag for short getaways. We will also find it with the french name sac voyage.

7. Waist bag

The so-called “banana” (you will also find it as a bumbag) has returned much more stylish and is on every wish list, as in addition to being convenient and literally loosening the hands, it can also give a chic air to street style outfits! Remember: You can also hang it crosswise.

8. Saddle bag

Yes, the name came from the bags that the travelers hung on the side of the horse on the saddle and then on the motorcycle. It has a round base, closes with a large piece at the front and usually with a large buckle.

9. Clutch

It is an evening bag without straps and handles held under the armpit. It can accommodate cell phone, lipstick, some banknotes and keys. If it has a strap to be passed on the wrist you will find it as a wristlet.

10. Wristlet (wrist bag)

Even the youngest girls should have a wrist bag in their wardrobe, usually in classic colors such as black, brown and white, as it can stylistically accompany their outing giving them timeless chic elegance.

Prefer bags in earth tones and in timeless designs from luxurious materials are an investment in time and in the women’s wardrobe. They match most of your color choices and are large enough to fit all the responsibilities of a working woman.

We know that in terms of your style you do everything to be one step ahead, but do you give special weight to clothes or shoes and leave aside the equally important accessories? Bags, for example, can take off your look if you know how to combine them properly. What you need at this stage of your life is a collection of bags, which will be just as sophisticated as you and will suit your unique style.

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