5 natural & chemical ways to clean your toilet bowl

5 natural & chemical ways to clean your toilet bowl

Yellowness, accumulated salts and dirt in the toilet? Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου have 5 natural & chemical ways to clean your toilet bowl. In all cases, of course, you will need to wear gloves and rub well. Unfortunately, there are no magic solutions that will eliminate the dirt on your toilet, so you have to clean it regularly.

Prepare the basin and remove stains

Wear your rubber gloves, lift the lid of the toilet and with the help of the pigtail clean the dirt on the rim of the toilet bowl. Apply a bleach-based cleaning product to the pigtail. Remember to always read the instructions for use of each product you use and follow them faithfully. Then rub well all over the toilet. Do not miss a point and make sure to rub well where you find the cigar at the bottom of the basin and the dirt at the edge of the bowl.

Leave the cleanser on for 30 minutes. After you have left the mixture to act for 30 minutes you can proceed to the last step of cleaning the toilet bowl. Make a good last rub on your pelvis in all places paying special attention to the dirt at the bottom of the toilet and the cigar at the edge of the bowl. Pull the flush and take a step back. You can now admire your spotless toilet!

1. With soda, vinegar & boiling water

Pour plenty of hot water from the kettle into the bowl. Then pour half a cup of baking soda and rub with the brush to go everywhere. Leave for at least 20 minutes or more, if possible. Remove it with kitchen paper in twenty minutes and rub again with the brush all over the basin. With an old toothbrush we can scrub even more effectively around the walls. Press the flush to rinse.

2. Baking soda

One of the simplest ingredients that can easily remove dirt from your toilet bowl is baking soda. Pour enough baking soda into your toilet bowl, close the lid and leave it there to act overnight. Baking soda contains acid that breaks the dirt and eliminates it. In the morning, flush the toilet and if all the dirt is not gone, repeat the same process one more time.

3. Scratch with pumice or other sharp object

We have cleaned the toilet bowl, either the way we said above or some other way, but are there still difficult points? We should not be disappointed. Here we will need an old pumice stone or kitchen wire or ceramic hob scraper. Once the toilet is clean and the stains have softened, we put on our gloves and rub these difficult areas with patience. Rubbing with pumice might help you clean the toilet bowl, but you have to be careful in order not to cause damage to the bowl.

4. With cola type soft drink

Cola-type soft drinks have been tested as corrosive in various cases and with very good results! Should we reconsider it next time before consuming them?  We empty a can of soft drink in all the areas where the dirt is collected. However, we enhance the action of the soft drink by adding half a cup of soda. Leave the mixture to act overnight and the next day brush hard and rinse.

Extra tip: We regularly use a liquid basin cleaner and descaler, whichever company we prefer, to prevent the accumulation of salts and the reappearance of pollutants. If you need professional advice, call Αποφράξεις Αντωνίου!

Chemical Solutions for Toilet Bowl Cleaning

4. With bleach

Bleach was our mom’s favorite cleanser and maybe she was right about it. It is a good disinfectant, which whitens surfaces and removes stains. The way we will use it to clean the basin is simple and we all know it.  We give time to the bleach to act and we rub with a sponge to enhance its cleansing power. A third point we want to make is that the use of bleach should be done in moderation. It is not for satiety, even though we have combined its smell with absolute cleanliness. And of course we do not mix bleach with other cleaning products, as it can give toxic results.

5. With hydrochloric acid

Hydrochloric acid is a powerful cleanser and will be our last choice as long as it none of the above won’t work. Note that hydrochloric acid should not be mixed with other cleaners, as it causes dangerous fumes. We take all the necessary protection measures before using it, gloves, mask, open window and we take care not to come into contact with the skin or eyes! The instructions for use for the rest are simple. Pour a small amount of solution in the bowl, leave for 10 minutes, rub with a spatula and rinse.

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